What’s New on the New Microsoft Windows Update

By Mark Gustin

Microsoft is finally releasing the new Windows 10 update. This new update, which was scheduled to be released on April 10, is going to be officially available for automatic downloads on May 8 but you can still manually download it from Monday, April 30th.Named ‘Windows 10 April 2018 Update’, this new update is focussed on time conservation. The previous two updates, which were offering a modern and secure operating system, have been upgraded to a more efficient and time conscious system. These are the new features of the Microsoft Windows 10 April 2018 update.
1. Timeline.
Microsoft has finally come to the rescue of the frustration of trying to find a file or folder that you previously accessed. Before this new update, users had to dig through the pc to find the files or media that they needed to use. This was consuming a really big part of the screen time and users had a hard time finishing whatever they had started doing.
The timeline feature makes it easier to access the files, folders or media that you have been previously acting on. Your new windows 10 pc will now let you see your recent activities up to 30 days, retrieve documents and files and even resume on work that you have been previously working on Microsoft edge, office 365, ios or android device.
The timeline feature is included in the task view. When you now click the task view button, it will show you thumbnails of sites, files, documents and media that you have accessed in the past 30 days right below the current window.

2. Focus Assist.
The focus assist feature aims at improving your productivity by keeping away nuisances and distractions. It is not easy to 100% commit to what you are supposed to do whenever you start working on your pc. There is always constant distractions across many online sites pulling us away from what matters most. Microsoft is reclaiming our attention through the focus assist.
The focus assist can be turned on or off or automatically set to turn on during certain times. During this time, pop-ups or notifications from social media, subscribed websites, emails, and updates are going to be kept away. If there is an important communication that you are waiting on, you can set the focus assist to priority only and create a priority list of people or sites that you want to get communication from. When you finish with what you were doing, the focus assist will give you a summary of the notifications that came through while you were busy.

3. Microsoft Edge (Updated)
The new Microsoft edge browser has been improved with new features that enhance its performance and user productivity. The updated browser can now match up with Firefox and Chrome by letting you mute and unmute tabs. You can also view the reading pages such as pdf at a full screen for an enhanced reading experience.
The new browser has also gone a step further to make shopping easier for its users. It can sometimes be frustrating filling payment forms everytime you make a purchase online, the updated Microsoft edge can securely auto-fill payment forms with the information saved in the pc.
There are also grammar tools to help users who need help reading. The grammar tool separates words into syllables for easy pronunciation and also highlight the different parts of speech with different colors to understand the context of the words used.
4. Voice support.

Microsoft users have been waiting patiently for this feature. You can now control your computer just by speaking to it. With just your voice, you can take notes, write a paper or even send emails. All you need to do is conduct a short audio test to get your device to recognize your voice.

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