Surf The Web Like Tony Soprano

By Jason Shiller

I know what you’re thinking … how does Tony Soprano surf the web and why on earth would I ever want to be like him?

Let me explain.

If you ever watched the show The Sopranos (or if you’re from New Jersey), then you know that mobsters need to communicate with each other anonymously without the FBI or the cops listening into their phone calls.

So how do they keep their calls secret?

Simple … They use pay phones.

Using public pay phones lets them anonymously speak with each other because the authorities don’t know which pay phones they will use (and when) and the cops can’t sort through every single phone call made from a pay phone.

More importantly, if they are able to intercept the call, the courts can’t prove it’s Tony Soprano talking to Paulie Walnuts because they don’t use their real names on the call.

Ok … so what does this have to do with surfing the web?

Well, if you surf the web from your home internet connection then your browsing and data are wide open for anyone to spy on or steal –whether it’s your internet provider, a hacker, the NSA, Google, or some obnoxious online advertiser tracking your spending habits. They can see this data the same way the FBI can listen to Tony Soprano if he used his home phone or personal cell to make calls.

If you want to avoid all these creeps from spying on you and gathering your data for their purpose and profit, then you need a VPN service. A VPN allows you to surf the web anonymously as if you were using a public pay phone.

Here’s how it works:

A VPN (which stands for Virtual Private Network) allows you to access the internet secretly through a remote server that is also used by thousands or millions of other people so there is no way of knowing that it’s you.

Your data stays secure because it’s encrypted before it’s sent to the remote server — even your internet provider can’t see it.

And if you think you can work around this privacy issue by using a public wifi at a coffee shop or somewhere else, you’re sadly mistaken. You’re even more at risk because there’s people that can tap into these wifi networks to monitor the traffic and some hackers even set up open wifi hotspots to entice you to log in so they can steal all your information.

Besides privacy, there are other major benefits to using a VPN service.

A VPN also allows you to access the internet from servers in other countries to make it look like you’re in that country. This is helpful if a website is blocked by your employer while you’re at the office (or a site that’s blocked by your country’s government).

Or, sometimes there’s content from the NFL, UFC and other sports that you can stream for free from other countries because they want the popularity of the sport to grow around the world.

Now before you go out an buy a VPN service, there are a few things you need to know: 

1) If you log in to a website, for example your bank or your email account, that website will know it’s you even if you’re logging in through a VPN encrypted. So if you want to stay completely private — THEN DON’T LOG IN!

2) Some websites do not like VPNs and won’t let you access their site through a VPN. The biggest example of this is Netflix. Netflix is a stickler for VPNs because they pay different rates for their content depending on what country you’re watching from. Therefore, they go out of their way not to cooperate with VPNs.

3) Some VPNs can slow down your internet speed. This is true especially if you are accessing through a server located in another country.  For this reason, you need to consider speed when you pick a VPN service. If you choose a good one, you won’t notice any difference in your internet connection.

That’s why I like FastestVPN. Their service is lighting fast and doesn’t slow down your browsing. They also have unlimited bandwidth so you can upload/download as much as you want.

The subscription also extends to 10 different devices on one subscription. That last point is huge because no one surfs the web from one device anymore. You need to be covered on at least your phone and your computer, and with 10 devices, you could cover a whole family under one plan.

FastestVPN has a deal right now for five years at $0.83 per month.  That is  insanely cheap.

So if you’re ready to slam the door on all those creeps watching your internet surfing, then get a VPN service right now. Either through FastestVPN or someplace else.



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