Solar Technology Can Power Your Next Outdoor Adventure

By Scott Hamilton

Solar technology isn’t just becoming more wide spread, it is also more accessible and portable. It wasn’t that long ago that only those with the space and funds could enjoy the benefits of a home solar power system.

Today, anyone can pick up a portable solar power kit for camping, hiking, hunting anything outdoors. These solar kits open up new opportunities for many outdoors actitvies. Campers can power heating, lighting, cooking apparatus and entertainment devices.

If you like the idea of being in the middle of nowhere but enjoying the luxuries you get at home, you need to get a solar kit from Inergy. A series of Inergy solar panels, with an appropriate generator, can transform a campsite or other off-grid solution in its own remote city. They are easy to transport from site to site, but also tough enough to get the job done. From there, you can add batteries and other tools to take your power source to the next level.

The Panels

In order to generate power from the sun, you need solar panels to capture its rays. Solar panels don’t have to be heavy and cumbersome for high power solutions anymore. A 50 Watt panel may not sound like much on its own, but a series of chainable panels soon adds up to some impressive off-grid capacity. These Inergy solar panels are also rugged and highly portable. They are small and light enough to pack away and transport between sites, but also strong enough to stand up to poor weather.

The Generators

Long term outdoor pursuits and camping trips need a reliable generator to transfer that solar power to all the necessary equipment. The stereotypical power generator is boxy and difficult to house. The worst can also be a little noisier than we would like. Inergy’s new Raptor design is revolutionary by comparison. It is slim and light at just 2lbs, yet offers plenty of power with the 24W-hour lithium ion battery, two 1.5W panels and outlets. The hinge means that users can angle it towards the sun as it charges everything from smartphones to digital cameras. This model isn’t out quite yet, but it sure to be a hit for 2018.

There are lots of different solutions depending on your needs as a camper or outdoorsman.

Some of you will love this new Raptor device because it brings together the panels, battery and charging points in one compact device. This is ideal for those traveling around with minimal space in their rucksacks. However, two of 1.5W panels might not be enough for all outdoors applications. This is where it helps to look at some of the combination kits that Inergy offers. They combine the bigger, more effective panels with older generators for greater power output. Campers should also note that there are accessories in the range, such as compatible LED lights.

If you’re serious about the outdoors or you intend to be off the grid for a longer period of time, you can’t be without a power. Inergy Solar is the best way to generate your own power no matter where you are with light and affordable power systems. Visit their site and check out some of the deals they are offering for a limited time only.

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