Current Trends In Consumer Electronics

By Scott Hamilton

The rate at which gadgets and consumer electronics are evolving is astounding. In the past decade, we’ve witnessed a series of groundbreaking (and outstanding) evolutions on many gadgets and consumer electronics. Phones keep getting smarter and wearable gadgets that can help you stay fit and healthy. Every tech manufacturer is constantly looking for new ways to engage consumers. One can only wonder what the future holds. Here are 3 major current trends for gadgets and consumer electronics.

1. Mobile Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence on mobile phones has become a life-changing feature for many people. These phones not only respond to your commands but also make decisions on what it believes is best for you. They are able to do this based on what they have learnt from your usual interaction with the phone. It masters your schedule, likes, friends and activities and uses this information to your best interest.
The artificially intelligent mobile phones also include a lot of amazing features. The iPhone x, for example, has set up algorithms for facial recognition. This phone can remain locked until it recognizes the face of the owner. Some other good features of AI phones include the voice assistant like Siri, AI vision cameras, augmented reality apps and live translations among others.

2. Cool Gadgets.
Every year we see new gadgets coming out but only a few are able to make a significant impact in the society. We have seen all kinds of drones, wireless headphones, smart watches and just recently there was a lot of hype on hoverboards. As the technology keeps on growing, new gadgets come up every day and the old ones slowly lose value.
Augmented reality glasses have really made an impact in the streets. These reality glasses support Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, and the wearer can ask it for directions, weather, places to eat and even check on flights.
The smart sleep headband is another cool and trendy gadget out there that is very popular in most modern homes. They are designed to help the user get the most out of his or her sleep. These headbands release a tone that helps you fall asleep. It is also able to detect when you enter into a deep and reduce the volume of the tone.
Other trending gadgets that are rocking the streets include fitness trackers, sex robots, and VR headsets.

3. Thinner and larger TV displays.
The popular video device manufacturers never cease to amaze us when it comes to Televisions. TVs keep getting bigger and smarter and in the near future, we can expect them to support Artificial Intelligence.
The current hype on televisions is focused on display. Consumers are now going for larger and thinner screens. Some have even developed a liking for curved screens.
In the 2018 consumer electronics show, Samsung launched a 146-inch wall TV which can be able to blend in with the wall and act as a multi-purpose display. This is the type of competition that influences the emergence of bigger, slimmer and more flexible televisions. One can only wonder what the likes of Sony and Lg are going to produce in response to this.

There a lot of gadgets and trendy consumer electronics out there but they have not been able to make a major impact. The 3 trends discussed above have been felt in almost every part of the world. Even though some consumers don’t have them, they surely know about them.

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